New ways of asciicast embedding Published on 31 Mar 2015 by Marcin Kulik

Support for embedding asciicasts just got way more awesome. See embedding docs for details, read on for examples.

Embedding on your site

In addition to the existing support for embedding full player widget on your page, you can now use image link to display a screenshot linking to your recording on This is useful in places where script tags are not allowed, for example in Github README files.

You can get the embed snippets for a specific asciicast by clicking on “Embed” link on asciicast page.

Here’s an example of how the image link looks like:

Embedding on Slack, Twitter and Facebook supports oEmbed, Open Graph and Twitter Card protocols now. When you share an asciicast on Twitter, Slack, Facebook, Google+ or any other site which supports one of these APIs, the asciicast is presented in a rich form (usually with a title, author, description and a thumbnail image), linking to your recording on

Here’s how it looks on Slack:

And here’s my tweet including a link to the same asciicast:

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