<asciinema-player> HTML5 element Published on 02 Oct 2016 by Marcin Kulik

We have just released asciinema web player v2.3.0. Since v2.0.0 there were two smaller releases bringing lots of improvements (see the CHANGELOG), but this one definitely deserves a post of its own.

This new version makes self-hosting of the player even simpler. Let’s see an example.


<div id="player-container"></div>
  asciinema.player.js.CreatePlayer('player-container', '/demo.json');


<asciinema-player src="/demo.json"></asciinema-player>

Awesome, right?

This is possible thanks to HTML5 Custom Elements, which allow web developers to define new types of HTML elements. New asciinema-player.js includes definition of new AsciinemaPlayer element type and its associated <asciinema-player> tag. The .js bundle also provides Custom Element polyfill which makes the new element working in browsers which don’t support this feature yet.

The element supports several attributes known from <video> element like loop, autoplay, preload, as well as asciinema-specific ones like speed, theme, font-size.

See README for a quick “getting started with self-hosting” guide and a description of all supported attributes.


Did you like it? Feel free to send me an email with your feedback to . You can also reach me on Mastodon at @ku1ik@hachyderm.io. Thanks!